Chapter 36 It can also be bigger

Peng Xiaolei said, holding the small metal bottle, “I’m not sure, my abilities will make me heal myself. With the ability of Millet, I can recover some of the fractures and injuries of other people, but Millet have more powerful abilities, I haven’t used that yet.”

Shu Xiaohui suddenly remembered the children who were caught by such a wicked man, but there was no scar on their bodies. He thought that the wicked man still had a little conscience and didn’t hit the children. It turned out that Peng Xiaolei had healed their injuries.

Shu Xiaohui drilled out of the small cage, grabbed Chen Chengduo’s clothes and darted on his shoulders. His little black eyes looked at Peng Xiaolei with confidence, then lifted his one rear paw and stood up, blessing all the luck on Peng Xiaolei.

Peng Xiaolei was tickled by Shu Xiaohui’s actions, and she smiled shyly, “I’ll do my best!”

She poured Millet out of the small metal bottle. Millet stretched out tentacles in her palm, and then climbed up to Peng Xiaolei’s fingertips.

Peng Xiaolei squatted down, and Millet landed on the ground from her fingertips.

Professor Wei, who was like a wandering soul, also squatted down after a while.

But his brain was a bit chaotic now, he looked at the ant with a little dazzle, and it seemed that there were countless small black spots in front of him starting to move.

Professor Wei took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes. He thought that his lack of sleep affected his vision.

And Shu Xiaohui’s small paws scratched Chen Chengduo’s ear, watching the little black spots drilled through the gaps in the windows and said, “Squeak?”

Those are all ants?

Chen Chengduo’s ear was tickled, and he caught Shu Xiaohui and put him in his palm, also squatting down and looking at the ground.

Shu Xiaohui’s belly was attached to Chen Chengduo’s palm and stretched his head to look on the ground.

Those ants were about the size of Millet, each holding a small translucent stone that was a little larger or about the same size as its own body.

And these little ants lined up in front of Millet, and then piled all the small stones in front of Peng Peng’s bed. 

At this time, Professor Wei finally focused his eyes and finally saw that were not black spots, but small ants on the ground.

Professor Wei shook his head and stopped looking at the little black spots, feeling that he would dizzy if he looked at it again.

He pushed up his glasses and said, “It seems that animals are more accurate than our instincts.”

Both Chen Chengduo and Shu Xiaohui looked at him.

Professor Wei pointed to the pile of small stones that were as clean and transparent as washed sand, and said, “This is the same thing as the stone I found, that is homologous to the antiquities.”

Although Shu Xiaohui didn’t understand what Professor Wei meant, he thought that these small translucent stones were definitely useful.

So, he looked at the small ants who kept sending stones hopefully.

These little ants kept gathering, and the little ants who had put down the stone did not leave, but gathered around Millet.

After the last few ants put the small stones down, Peng Xiaolei and Millet began to emit a light green light, and then the ants all became energy bodies.

This scene made Professor Wei stunned. He muttered, “No, in theory, human consciousness can only be coordinated with only one animal. How can it be a group of ants? Is my study wrong?”

Professor Wei looked to the group of angelfish in the aquarium unconsciously.

Zebra spit out a string of bubbles, quietly flicking its tail, shrinking to the innermost part of the school of fish.

Professor Wei pushed his glasses and turned his head back, maybe he should study the phenomenon of grouped pets.

At this time, the group of ants in the state of energy body did not integrate into the body of Peng Xiaolei like other pets, but all the energy bodies of small ants merged and became a giant energy body with a height of half-human.

Shu Xiaohui was completely stunned.  

He stood in the palm of Chen Chengduo, his two front paws were shaking, and the little black eyes were fixed on the giant energy Millet.

Chen Chengduo though Shu Xiaohui was afraid of the big ant. He gently held the soft hamster ball, rubbing and comforting him, “Don’t afraid.”

The hamster ball felt so soft and comfortable, just like boneless.

Shu Xiaohui, who was rubbed all over, stretched his rear paws angrily, kicking Chen Chengduo’s thumb hard to stop his rubbing, “Squeak!”

Psychopath, I’ll be angry!

And he was not afraid, he was hit by re-becoming the smallest warpet……

Oh, why couldn’t he become bigger?

Wait~ It seems not! Shu Xiaohui blinked.

He could also become bigger! He could become a human!

Although the duration only be calculated in seconds, but he would be one-person tall, Millet is only half-person tall!

Shu Xiaohui’s frustrated heart was suddenly healed by himself, he rubbed his face and continued to look at Millet.

Chen Chengduo felt the hamster’s thought vaguely, shaking his head and laughing. He didn’t know it was all blamed on him!

He carved the hamster so big, the rumor of the five-meter hamster warpet spread everywhere, which deeply stimulated the soft heart of Shu Xiaohui. 

At this time, the giant ant stretched out its tentacles and laid on the pile of small stones, then the pile of small stones immediately turned white light into the giant ant energy body.

The ant energy body became thicker and thicker, and seemed to become a solid.

Then, under the control of Peng Xiaolei, the giant ant energy body put the tentacles on Peng Peng’s hand.

The green light was continuously sent into the body of Peng Peng along the tentacles.  

The sleeping Peng Peng was in an unconscious state, and the green light sent into his body restored his body functions gradually, and also touched his consciousness. His spiritual power was inspired and invaded everyone’s mind.

But the invading spiritual power was not aggressive. Probably because Peng Peng is very kind. The spiritual power only gently flowed in everyone’s consciousness, neither inquiring into one’s privacy nor attacking one’s thinking, just swam so gently, with inexplicable kind of calming feeling.

Then, Shu Xiaohui’s eyes blinked twice and closed in a sleepy state.

He ran out of all powers and was in a state of fatigue.  

Chen Chengduo rubbed Shu Xiaohui’s belly gently. And Professor Wei, who was standing next to him, fell suddenly. Chen Chengduo held up his shoulders.

Then Chen Chengduo glanced at Peng Xiaolei over there and Peng Peng, who looked better and better on the bed, holding Shu Xiaohui in one hand, and Professor Wei, who had fallen asleep in another hand, quietly left the room.

This level of spiritual power had little effect on Chen Chengduo. He has been trained to resist various hypnotic or hypnotic-like drugs. 

He carried Professor Wei directly to the rest chair outside, and then Chen Chengduo put Shu Xiaohui in his pocket and returned, finding that Peng Xiaolei was asleep beside Peng Peng’s bed too…

The ant of the giant energy body was gone, and a group of ants were on the ground, obviously dangling, touching each other’s tentacles, and then crawled away like being drunk.

Chen Chengduo squatted on the ground for a while, and finally found the ant Millet that seemed to be sleeping.

Would he hurt it if he directly squeezed it up?

Although the little ant could heal itself, Chen Chengduo did not want it to be injured after it has just cured Peng Peng.

Chen Chengduo led out a thin steel wire, picked up the little ant, and put it into the small metal bottle that Peng Xiaolei hung on her wrist.  

Looking at Peng Xiaolei, Chen Chengduo pulled the metal that was made into a mess by him in this lab, the metal supported Peng Xiaolei to form a bed. Chen Chengduo found a blanket and covered her on.

After all this was arranged, Chen Chengduo took a breath, left a note for Professor Wei outside, and walked out of the laboratory.

The soldiers out of the laboratory tensed their faces with great caution.

At the same time, Chen Chengduo was keenly smelling the bloody smell. He narrowed his eyes slightly and saw the blood-stained on the hands of several soldiers holding the gun.

He understood without asking, these soldiers must have felt the soothing spiritual power, and hurt themselves to keep awake.

Chen Chengduo said, “All treat the wound.”

“Yes, Captain Chen!”

Chen Chengduo patted their shoulders and left Professor Wei’s laboratory.  


Chen Chengduo went to the place where Commander Fang lived, Commander Fang was… getting a barbecue.

But there was a kind of burnt smell in the air. Chen Chengduo looked at the dark things in the plates and his eyelids jumped. Although the supplies were not scarce at present, and the New city was also undergoing land reorganization, the production would resume soon…it was still a waste, Captain Chen was a little disagreeing.  

Shu Xiaohui was also awakened by this strange smell. He stood up in Chen Chengduo’s pocket, small paws plucked the pocket, and looked outside, “Squeak?”

Have we left the laboratory? Who is this? What is he doing?

At this time, Commander Fang took a roasted black skewer that didn’t know what it was, bit it down, and then his brows were wrinkled, obviously the taste was not good, but he still ate the whole black skewer in difficulty.


Chen Chengduo paused and took away the second skewer that Commander Fang was going to eat.

The old commander had worked hard for most of his life, what’s with wasting some food!

Commander Fang took a sip of water and said, “Look at how this fish should be grilled. I failed twice.”

One person and one hamster looked at the black skewer in Chen Chengduo’s hand at the same time, and they really couldn’t see that this was a fish!

Chen Chengduo walked to Commander Fang and stood in front of him. He picked up the skewer with fish on the plate and looked at it. It was a small yellow croaker, which did not be pre-cured.

Seeing that Chen Chengduo picked up the brush with dipping sauce, Commander Fang stopped him, “Don’t, the fish should be grilled alone, don’t add anything else, other things depend on you.”

Shu Xiaohui looked at this gray-haired old man, slightly surprised. If it’s grilled alone, would it be delicious?

Chen Chengduo simply roasted the fish according to Commander Fang’s request.

But he was really good at cooking, the fish grilled a bit yellow, and the smell was very fragrant.

The hamster ball was almost drooling.  

Commander Fang smiled with satisfying, “I know you could make the best barbecue!”

Then Commander Fang entered the house and came out holding an orange cat.

The hamster ball was shocked, and he shrunk down carefully, leaving only a small half of his head secretly observed, and little black eyes looked over there cautiously.

Compared to Mao Ya, Black Eagle, and that crocodile, it seems that cats are the natural enemies of rodents!

After watching for a while, Shu Xiaohui suddenly stood up and looked up at Chen Chengduo’s chin, “Squeak!?”

There seems to be something wrong with the orange cat?  

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