C Language Cultivation-7

Chapter 7 Crawlers (1)

His body had changed, some positive changes.

All he had done was writing an endless loop program in the mysterious space.

And this endless loop program, if using Huo Qingshan’s theoretical explanation of the cultivation of immortals, was to start ‘building a foundation’.

He was just started building a foundation. What would happen to his body after the foundation was completed after ten days?

Lin Xun looked at the treetops of the hawthorn gently swaying in the breeze, pursing his lips.

He walked out of his room.

Wang Anquan and Zhao Jiagou have finished their lunch and started to take a lunch break——playing games.

Seeing him come out, the two men greeted him.

Lin Xun was sitting on the sofa, sucking a sip of Coke, and biting the straw flat.

Then he said: “I have something to tell you.”

Perhaps his tone was too solemn, both Wang Anquan and Zhao Jiagou began to hang up the game, and looked up to listen to him.

Lin Xun told them what happened.

The two were silent for a long while. Finally, Wang Anquan said: “Are you sure that’s not your illusion? I suggest you continue to go to the psychiatry department.”

Zhao Jiagou said: “Anyone with a brain will not believe you, I will dial 120(to the hospital).”

Wang Anquan: “I didn’t expect you to be a fantasy novelist.”

Lin Xun: “…”

Lin Xun: “Fine.”

But he would not accept the ridicule of these two people, so he said: “I predict that ten days later, our company will have an unexpected income into the account, in units of 50.”

Zhao Jiagou restarted the game and said, “Suanfa, this world is materialistic, you have to remember this.”

Wang Anquan: “Your mental pressure is really too great. We have to hire a programmer as soon as possible to relieve your work pressure.”


According to the progress, after ten days, he would complete the Foundation Establishment, and the system will give out the reward “ clan funds +50″. At that time, he would slap the two men’s faces by this.

He pretended he didn’t care about this matter: “Don’t talk about this.”

Wang Anquan: “Let’s discuss what kind of programmer to hire, and how much salary to give him.”

Lin Xun: “Our code is hard to write.”

Luo Shen was still a prototype, an engine, that can run normally, but the functions that can be shown to users have not been implemented yet. To achieve this, a lot of code was required.

——Before this, the code of “Luo Shen” was written by the three of them. They had their strengths in their professional field, but the programming skills were not perfect. Therefore, the core code of Luo Shen was ugly and very long, and Lin Xun was working hard to optimize the algorithm.

Now, the amount of work required for programming was so great that the three of them couldn’t hold up. A fourth person was needed——this person must have superb skills and must be proficient in Python and Glax.

This meant that his salary would be very high.

Wang Anquan put forward the hypothesis: “If we hire a programmer with a monthly salary of 10,000 yuan.”

Lin Xun: “You will get a programmer for Baidu and CSDN programming.”

“When his monthly salary rises to 20,000…”

Zhao Jiagou: “He will be proficient in programming for Google and GitHub.”

Wang Anquan: “If we give fifty thousand…”

Lin Xun: “He is a qualified programmer, but he still can’t adapt to the programming difficulty of Luo Shen.”

Wang Anquan sighed: “Why a programming farmer is so luxury?”

“Think about our value, Anquan.” Zhao Jiagou shrugged: “Eagle and Lions offered the 600,000 or 700,000 annual salary in the first year for us, which is still too low. They also added additional stocks, then you and me were a little tempted.”

Wang Anquan: “How much has Eagle offered for you?”

Lin Xun saw that they would be caught in the endless debate about Python and Java because of the comparison, and quickly stopped them: “I think his monthly salary should be between 70,000 and 100,000.”

“Then our funds were cut in half, and we have to rent another server.” Wang Anquan folded arms over chest: “So, Suanfa, do you know what your task is tonight?”

Lin Xun: “… Yes.”
——Ask Dong Jun for money.

God knows that he was a person who would hesitate before making phone calls to Dong Jun.

However, the night always comes so quickly.

Lin Xun stood in front of the mirror: “Are you sure I need to wear this?”

Zhao Jiagou: “I suggest you believe me.”

Lin Xun looked at himself in the mirror.

White turtleneck sweater, coat was not very formal, a beige trench coat.

All were very light colors, and that soft turtleneck made him look very …

Lin Xun: “This is the style my old sister would like.”

“Yes,” Zhao Jiagou walked around him a few times: “You are now so cute as a bunny who just left the nest.”

“Jiagou.” Lin Xun: “You have improved your metaphor level.”

“Thank you for the compliment.” Zhao Jiagou fixed Lin Xun’s collar and continued: “But, it will not be too weak, because your temperament is very calm. So, it is rising, young, and rising, very bright.”

Lin Xun: “You started to use words inappropriately.”

“I’m sorry.” Jiagou said: “Then I change the description, you are like a little brother now.”

Lin Xun: “?”

Wang Anquan laughed out loud.

“The best choice for sister and brother love, a beautiful little wolf. In that way, women will say aloud when they saw you——little brother, I can.” Zhao Jiagou added.

Lin Xun could not understand the nonsense Jiagou said. He had not only become a little brother, but also an animal without weaning.

However, in any case, like his language level, the aesthetic level of Jiagou was also the highest of the three of them.

Moreover, he also believed in his wardrobe.

His sister, Lin Ting, is four years older than him. She is currently studying art abroad and undoubtedly has a very good aesthetic.

Lin Xun’s wardrobe was properly matched one by one by Ms. Lin Ting, and placed on different occasions, had never made a mistake.

“In short,” Wang Anquan concluded: “Tonight, you will use your young beauty and young brain to impress Dong Jun and let him add follow-up investment.”

Lin Xun: “Will you pick me up?”

“No, you have grown up, Suanfa. You have to take the bus yourself, and then use this to evoke Dong Jun’s sympathy——a genius, but because he was not appreciated, he can only take the bus.”

Lin Xun intended to ignore him and turned to go out.

The moment he left, he also heard Zhao Jiagou chatter: “Anquan, look at Suanfa, he looks only 19 years old, he can evoke the motherhood of all female animals.”

Lin Xun couldn’t hold back and said, “But I’m going to see Dong Jun.”

Zhao Jiagou: “You have to believe that human nature is interlinked.”

Zhao Jiagou, he was a sophist.

Lin Xun came to the appointed place.

This place was a low-key western restaurant around the Galaxy Building, but the interior design was very delicate, with soothing music flowing in the air and the smell of rose petals.

There were a lot of red lights on the road. He arrived about five minutes earlier than the agreed time.

Dong Jun was already here.

He wore a very simple black shirt, the cuffs were rolled up to reveal wrists, and there was no decoration other than the silver watch, and the neckline loosened a button.

The frame of glasses was changed to dark gray, with the same color glasses chain, and there was no expression on the face. The whole person seemed very serious and not so serious. Lin Xun’s language level was not enough to describe it accurately.

“You are here.” Dong Jun said.

“You must have been waiting for a long time.” Lin Xun sat down.

“Not long.” Dong Jun pushed him a glass of sherry.

There was a thin layer of white mist on the outer wall of the glass stemware, which was iced.

Lin Xun recalled the glass of ice water Dong Jun gave him in the male god’s office yesterday.

He thought that maybe Dong Jun’s habits in this respect are similar to him, he doesn’t like hot things either.

“Is Mr. Lin’s residence far from here?”

“Six kilometers, not far.” Lin Xun pursed his lips: “You don’t need to call me ‘Mr. Lin’, just call the name. My name is … Lin Xun.”

“Lin Xun…” Dong Jun repeated the name and asked, “Does your friend call you that too?”

“Sometimes,” Lin Xun said: “They often call me ‘algorithm (Suanfa)’.”

There seemed to be a smile in Dong Jun’s eyes.

Lin Xun explained: “Because the two of them, one is called ‘security(Anquan)’ and the other is called ‘architecture(Jiagou)’. “

Dong Jun said: “Then your team still lacks a ‘code’.”

“Yes, we are looking for one.” Lin Xun said: “But it’s not easy to find.”

“The Luo Shen algorithm is a completely new structure.”

“Yes, for this reason, and budgetary factors … We can’t afford the top programmers’ salaries.” Lin Xun said this in a half-joking tone——although he become a little dizzy with Dong Jun, he did not forget Wang Anquan’s command.

He watched Dong Jun and take a sip of the wine. The light in this environment was not bright and ambiguous, and there was an erratic luster swaying in the glass.

Only listen to Dong Jun saying: “When do you plan to start the first round of financing?”


“Aren’t we…” Lin Xun stared at him: “having the first round of financing in progress?”

“You may have some misunderstandings.” Dong Jun said: “The purchase of equity is a personal decision of mine.”

Lin Xun blinked.

“In this case, when you start the first round of financing, you may give priority to Galaxy’s venture capital, rather than … the Eagle or other companies.”

Lin Xun thought for a while: “But only you chose us.”

Dong Jun said: “I like math.”

Lin Xun: “Then, during the first round of financing, will Galaxy inject capital for Luo Shen?”

“As long as you come up with a preliminary result,” Dong Jun said: “You have now convinced me with the algorithm, and then you have to use the shaped results to convince the Venture Capital Department.”

Lin Xun looked at Dong Jun’s eyes and felt that after just two contacts, he had established trust in him.

Dong Jun’s character at this time was not as indifferent and strong as he showed in front of the media, Lin Xun even now thought he is very approachable.

He didn’t want to attribute this to the merchant’s means, and he had a long-established fondness for Dong Jun.

Along this topic, Lin Xun mentioned the next step he planed, such as the functions he wanted to achieve.

“In theory, Luo Shen can do all the functions of the current intelligent system. For the new functions, I have no idea at the moment, but … its processing efficiency, according to the formula, will be much higher than that of the neural network engine. I want to start from this point. “

The neural network engine could make a judgment similar to “intelligence” through the analysis of massive data, but this also created a problem. The closer it was to real intelligence, the more data was required. The huge amount of data would bring disaster, and the requirements for hardware and software would be very high, especially now that data mining technology encountered bottlenecks.

A confusing question——why the 1,200 grams of brain tissue can quickly make judgments and the learning ability it has, still cannot be reproduced on a machine with extremely powerful computing power and far more storage than the human brain.

However, Luo Shen could narrow the gap between them.

This meant a possibility, an exciting possibility——maybe one day, the reproduction could be achieved.

Lin Xun had always been clear about what he was doing in the past three years, so even if Wang Anquan proposed to “disband” several times, he had not wavered.

Dong Jun said: “Do you have data support?”

“Not yet,” Lin Xun said: “We plan to rent the server tomorrow and start the calculation.”

Dong Jun gently tapped the desktop with his fingertips: “The Galaxy Headquarters computer room currently has spare servers that can be opened to Luo Shen. Contact Ruan Zhi when you need it.”

Lin Xun said quickly: “Thank you.”

If they didn’t need to consider the cost of renting the server, the budget would save a lot of money. He had fulfilled Wang Anquan’s requirements.

The next step was to confirm the contract. After everything was done, Dong Jun asked about Luo Shen’s progress.

Lin Xun suddenly awakened, Luo Shen had returned with a full load, but he had not yet.
——This man is Dong Jun, a legendary programmer with a pair of hands blessed by Apollo!  

And he just happened to have confusion in the code!

He started asking for advice.
 ——He brought pen and paper today.

He didn’t stop until the waiter started serving ——there were still a bit more questions, and he didn’t want to put away the pen and paper.

Suddenly Dong Jun said something he didn’t understand: “I only ordered one dessert.”

Lin Xun expressed his confusion by not answering.

Then he saw a faint smile in Dong Jun’s eyes: “But your image today makes me think I should order more.”

Lin Xun: “…”

He recalled the nonsense of Zhao Jiagou, “You are like a bastard just out of the nest”.

Nah, a bunny.

He pretended to hear nothing and recalled nothing.

After dinner, Dong Jun asked: “How do you go back?”

Lin Xun: “Take the bus.”

Dong Jun: “I drive you home?”

Then Lin Xun just sat in the black Bentley of Dong Jun, with a question that he hadn’t fully understood and could continue to consult Dong Jun on the road.

At the moment when the seat belt was fastened, he thought that Zhao Jiagou was a jerk, but, Wang Anquan, he was a genius.

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