Chapter 35 The sink is a big problem

Chen Chengduo came back from the bath and found that the hamster ball was disappeared. He looked around in the training ground, sure enough, the hamster came into the spherical bath again and fell asleep. The four small pink paws shrunk.

Chen Chengduo stretched out his hand to fish Shu Xiaohui out, the soft dumpling stretched out his nose, his eyes opened hard, and he fell asleep again after making a vague voice.

Chen Chengduo’s thumb gently rubbed Shu Xiaohui’s belly and walked to the balcony.

It was already in the late middle of the night, and it was quiet all around.

After waiting for half an hour, Chen Chengduo holding the hamster ball regretfully came back.

It seemed that there was only one chance a day that Shu Xiaohui could become human.

Chen Chengduo found a ceramic tea bowl, poured the liquid hamster ball into it, and then placed the tea bowl beside the pillow. Then Chen Chengduo lay straight on the bed.

When Shu Xiaohui woke up, the sky outside was already bright, he yawned in the tea bowl, and raised his eyes to see the half-naked Chen Chengduo’s standard sleeping position.

Shu Xiaohui flipped out of the tea bowl, landed on the ground along the edge of the bed, looked around, and looked at the mirror aside from the sink.

After so long, he really didn’t know what he looks like as a hamster.

So Shu Xiaohui ran along the wall to the sink.

Shu Xiaohui looked around with his head tilted, and looked at the angle between the sink and the wall.

Shu Xiaohui glanced down at the sharp nails on his four paws, grabbed the wall, and jumped up.

It was really unexpectedly stable, and the small, soft body was like being absorbed in the corner of the wall.

Shu Xiaohui was so proud of himself. He felt that he was an agent hamster!

After climbing to a position nearly as high as the sink, Shu Xiaohui’s pliable waist turned, his front paws loosened, and his rear paws pressed hard, then he fell to the edge of the sink.

But he still couldn’t see the mirror at this height…

Shu Xiaohui turned his head and aimed at the stainless-steel faucet.

Shu Xiaohui stretched out with his paws and climbed, but the small paws did not step firmly, he fell off the faucet, and fell into the ceramic sink below.

There was no water in the sink, and Shu Xiaohui was not hurt.

But, there was a sad situation.

The wall of the sink was too smooth and too hard, Shu Xiaohui couldn’t climb up.

So, every time he got closer to the edge of the sink, he slipped down.

Even if his little paws were almost waving into afterimages, it was difficult to rush to the edge of the sink with speed.

After countless hard sprints and countless slipping down, Shu Xiaohui finally…heard Chen Chengduo’s smirk suppressed in the throat.

At the bottom of the sink, Shu Xiaohui curled up and covered his face with small paws, felt like he was really stupid.

Just when Chen Chengduo reached out to get the frustrated hamster ball up, Shu Xiaohui in the pool suddenly refused and slid out of his hand.

At the same time, Shu Xiaohui came up with a brilliant idea, his small paw waved, thrown a bunch of corn kernels around him, and Shu Xiaohui climbed out along the corn kernel hill.

Standing on the top of the corn kernel hill, Shu Xiaohui looked up at the hamster in the mirror.

Hmm…his hair color was pretty good.

Then, Shu Xiaohui quietly touched the superfluous meat on his belly…

He sighed…

Chen Chengduo lightly touched the top of Shu Xiaohui’s head, and used metal to make Shu Xiaohui a sightseeing platform beside the mirror. A rotating escalator was fixed under the sightseeing platform and extended to the ground.

The sightseeing platform was small and exquisite. Shu Xiaohui even saw patterns carved on the railing, and they were all melon seeds.

Chen Chengduo reached out and put the hamster ball into the sightseeing platform.

Shu Xiaohui was looking at the mirror, so Chen Chengduo made such a complicated sightseeing platform, just for his convenience, to look in the mirror?

…he was a little touched.

Shu Xiaohui took a look at the mirror and calmed down, pointed his finger to the other side, “Squeak?”

This side, could you make a slide?

Chen Chengduo nodded and made a spiral slide that rotated five or six times from the other side of the sightseeing platform.

The hamster ball rushed forward and slid down the slide, rushing towards the table on which the training ground was placed.

Chen Chengduo washed his face and brushed his teeth, put Shu Xiaohui into the small ceramic bed in the small cage, fixed the cage on his belt, took Shu Xiaohui to the canteen of the military camp for breakfast. Then they went to find Peng Xiaolei, preparing to take the little girl go play with Peng Peng.

While they leaving the canteen, the guard of commander Fang suddenly stopped him, “Captain Chen!”

Chen Chengduo stood still, looking at his face, frowned, “Xiao Xu? What’s wrong?”

Shu Xiaohui didn’t know this person, and he was quietly eating the French fries he took from the canteen.

Chen Chengduo followed Xiao Xu to the tree not far from the canteen. Xiao Xu stood still and took a deep breath, looking at Chen Chengduo seriously, “Captain Chen, I have to say something, when are you going to take over Commander Fang’s work?”

Shu Xiaohui’s movement to nibble fries stopped and he looked out through the gap of the cage with his ears cocking up.

Chen Chengduo stared at Xiao Xu with cold eyes, “What’s your meaning?”

Xiao Xu shook his head, “Captain Chen, I can’t talk more. But you must think about it.”

Once the news that Commander Fang was dying came out, the New city maybe even more chaotic. Now that Chen Chengduo was back, those people had a little scruples.

Moreover, when he came to Chen Chengduo alone, he had violated the commander’s order to a certain extent, and it would be a leak of military secrets if he told more.

“I see, you go back first. I’ll go to see commander Fang later.”

Xiao Xu nodded and went away quickly.

Chen Chengduo stood silent for a while under the tree, slightly tightened his jaw, and suddenly said, “Zhan Wei, no matter what you hear and know, keep your mouth close!”

At this time, Zhan Wei holding his bat Diu Diu, rubbed his ears.

He would not talk about such important things, he was also principled.

Zhan Wei pulled Diu Diu’s bat wings, “Commander Fang is seriously ill. I don’t know what will happen when the news is revealed later. Diu Diu, we must collect more information.”

Shu Xiaohui put the last French fries in his mouth and stood up, “Squeak?”

Does the owner of the little black bat overhear everything?

Chen Chengduo warned Zhan Wei, and said, “Almost.”

Shu Xiaohui thought of the bat who wanted to knock him down. After shaking his small paws, he rubbed his face hard, “Squeak?”

Did something happen? Can I help?

Chen Chengduo turned and walked away. “We could only know the situation after seeing the commander. Let’s go to find Peng Xiaolei first and send her to Peng Peng. Then we go to meet the commander.”

Shu Xiaohui nodded. He was worried about Peng Peng.

Peng Xiaolei lived and took classes in the school established by the military camp. She saw Chen Chengduo far away. The little girl was very happy and rushed over with a few children.

Shu Xiaohui looked at the smiling children, feeling better.

“Captain Chen!” Peng Xiaolei greeted him.

Chen Chengduo nodded, and said: “Xiaolei, I want you to do me a favor.”

Peng Xiaolei looked nervously at Shu Xiaohui, “Is the hamster uncomfortable?”

Chen Chengduo shook his head, briefly stated Peng Peng’s physical condition. After listening, Peng Xiaolei looked worried, “He is so pitiful, I’ll go with you to see him.”

Along the way, Peng Xiaolei frowned tightly, and Chen Chengduo patted her head, “Don’t worry, the kid isn’t so pessimistic.”


Why did I feel that Peng Xiaolei seems to be hiding something from us?

Peng Xiaolei reached out to hold the small metal bottle hanging around her neck and smiled with her head up, “Yes, he will be fine!”

They arrived at the laboratory. Chen Chengduo greeted the guards and pushed the door into the laboratory.

In the laboratory, Professor Wei was still sitting on the rest chair, his eyes drifting around, as if he had not slept.

“Squeak?” Was Professor Wei still thinking?

And Chen Chengduo nodded.

Shu Xiaohui was shocked, “Squeak!” Incredible!

Chen Chengduo took Peng Xiaolei directly into the lounge, where Peng Peng was asleep in bed, a small skinny face, and very pale, Peng Xiaolei couldn’t help but cover her mouth and cried.

After a while, Peng Xiaolei sniffed her nose and looked up at Chen Chengduo, “Captain Chen, there is one thing I didn’t tell you.”

She took off the metal vial Chen Chengduo gave her from her neck. “The power of little Millet and me is healing.”



That’s a huge surprise!

Professor Wei, who was like a wandering soul, his voice suddenly rang, “He has a multi-organ failure, can you still heal him?”

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