C Language Cultivation-5

Chapter 5 The infinite loop (5)

“You’re absolutely right, grandpa Huo.” Wang Anquan said to landlord Huo.

Lin Xun: “?”

As soon as Wang Anquan’s voice fell, Zhao Jiagou opened his mouth: “Lin Xun’s algorithmic talent is very high, and of course his spiritual root is excellent.”

His Chinese level is indeed very high, and he can understand the meaning of “excellent spiritual root”.

After Zhao Jiagou finished his speech, Wang Anquan continued to say: “He does have Qi in his body, because he is angry with Lions recently*.”

*Qi=气; ‘angry’ saying in Chinese is ‘生气’, so Wang Anquan used a pun here.

The two men had a rapport, almost like talking comic dialogue. However, Lin Xun knew that landlord Huo definitely didn’t mean that.

This must be related to the crawler program in landlord Huo. If there was a program running in the old man, then he must not be an ordinary old man.

Landlord Huo’s beard was almost raised, his eyes were severe, and he stared at Wang Anquan and Zhao Jiagou: “Ignorant boy! Nonsense!”

Then he waved to Lin Xun and softened his tone: “Xiao Lin, come here.”

Lin Xun walked in front of the old man.

Landlord Huo carrying his hands on his back, and then looked at Lin Xun carefully from head to toe, smashing his beard and saying, “You are a genius hard to come by in a century …”

Afterward, the old man asked: “Xiao Lin, which clan are your origin?”

Then, the expressions on the faces of Wang Anquan and Zhao Jiagou became all doubts.

Lin Xun: “I don’t know what are you talking about…”

Landlord Huo’s eyes suddenly widened: “This is impossible!”

Lin Xun: “I really don’t know.”

Landlord Huo frowned: “Then … haven’t you ever practiced?”

Lin Xun frowned lightly, realizing that the old man’s topic might be related to his experience last night.

Maybe he could get some information from grandpa Huo.

So he tentatively asked, “Is there anything special about me?”

Landlord Huo said: “I just released the divine sense and explored your body.”

Lin Xun thought, he may have crawled the information on me with a crawler program.

Landlord Huo continued: “Your root and meridian are a rare wizard in our generation. There is discontinuous Qi in your body, obviously you have already lead Qi into the body…do you really know nothing about this?

This half-literary and half-vernacular made Lin Xun very uncomfortable, but he still understood the meaning of the old man and answered: “I don’t know anything about it.”

“Without practice, you were already into the Qi Refining period, you are a wizard!” Landlord Huo praised him: “All my disciples cultivated well and have founded their independent clans. My knees around have been emptied for a long time, do you want to worship me as your Master?”

Lin Xun: “Worship you as my…Master?”

Landlord Huo nodded and said: “I, Huo Qingshan, am the 19th generation leader of the Wu Ji Sect. I’m known as Qingshan Zhenjun, and I am in the Nascent soul period. Xiao Lin, it is destiny to meet each other. If you were my disciple, I promise your cultivation will progress apace. Isn’t it happy?”

Lin Xun: “Wait a moment.”

He took his laptop over and entered Turbo C on the search engine to get the blue interface screenshot, and showed it to Huo Qingshan: “Do you know this?”

Huo Qingshan squinted his eyes closer: “What is this? I don’t know, you young people, always playing with these weird things and delaying cultivation!”

——Huo Qingshan didn’t know the program interface.

Lin Xun closed the laptop and took a deep breath: “Then, Grandpa Huo, you said I have Qi in my body, where did you see it?”

Lin Xun thought, there was only one “Hello World” in his body.

Huo Qingshan said with a definitive tone: “Of course Qi is in your Dantian.”

Lin Xun looked at Wang Anquan and Zhao Jiagou over there, and they both looked at this side, their eyes filled with confusion, as if their materialist worldview were challenged.

Lin Xun: “Then, how do I start cultivation?”

“This is simple, you already led Qi into the body, as long as you worship me as your Master, I’ll immediately give you the method of Foundation Establishment. Once your foundation is built, you’re stepping into the gate of the cultivation world, and you will be immortal, leaving the body of the ordinary.”

Lin Xun realized that he was exposed to something contrary to his materialist worldview.

If he did not enter the blue space last night, he would not believe this kind of thing, and would think that there was something wrong with landlord Huo’s spirit.

However, at this moment, the progress bar appeared in his mind that stopped at 85% and never progressed.

Lin Xun: “Hello, Master.”

Huo Qingshan laughed kindly: “Good boy! Good boy!”

He took in his pocket, and somehow, there was an extra blue book in his hand, which was extremely rough, like a cult propaganda booklet: “You take it and concentrate on practicing!  When you became a foundation, you’ll officially become the inner disciple of the Wu Ji Sect. From the perspective of my, you will certainly be able to do it within three years. If you have any doubts, just call me!

Lin Xun took the small blue book and saw that the slightly yellowed book cover was written with five large words “Foundation Establishment in Thousand Days”.

All of this were too magical. Not only his materialist worldview was challenged, but also he had a Master without rhyme or reason. Lin Xun hesitated before finally saying: “Thank you Master.”

Old Huo laughed loudly: “I’m going! Not expected I adopt a disciple today!”

With laughing, Huo Qingshan forgot to check the room, and did not ask Zhao to help him, straighten his waist and back, marched out of the door, down the stairs.

Lin Xun suddenly remembered something, opened the window, and said to Huo Qingshan who was coming out of the corridor: “Master, what about our rent?”

Huo Qingshan: “Dear disciple, you have entered Wu Ji Sect, this old house could as a gift for you.”

Lin Xun said more sincerely: “Thank you Master!”

Looking at Huo Qingshan walking away, Lin Xun closed the window, and looked at his two roommates.

They looked at each other in speechless despair.

In the silence, Wang Anquan picked up his phone, called a number.

“Hello, Brother Huo, this is Xiao Wang, Wang Anquan living Building C of Chaoyang Community.”

“Um…this is the case. Your father just came here to collect rent … Yes, but um … Grandpa Huo, his spirit, is he … is there something wrong?”

“No? Ah, that…Brother Huo, when are you free, it’s better to take him to the hospital…”

At the next moment, Wang Anquan shut up.

He twirled his phone to Lin Xun: “He hung me up.”

Zhao Jiagou scratched his head: “Has Grandpa Huo read too many Cultivation novels?”

Wang Anquan: “Will he read Cultivation novels at his age?”

Zhao Jiagou: “Look at what he said …”

Lin Xun coughed.

The two looked at him and the Foundation Establishment in Thousands of days in his hand.

Lin Xun stacked Foundation Establishment in Thousands of days on C Primer Plus, sat down on the sofa, crossed his fingers on the table, and thought for a long time before saying: “Grandpa Huo’s spirit may have something wrong or maybe not. “

Wang Anquan: “What’s the meaning you said this nonsense?”

Lin Xun ignored him and continued: “I recently … also encountered something unrealistic.” 

Zhao Jiagou: “Like what?” 

Lin Xun: “It’s hard to explain, I haven’t figured it out yet. When I get it, I’ll tell you.”

Wang Anquan scratched his head: “Is it related to what grandpa Huo said?”

Lin Xun: “A bit.”

He put away the two books: “I will figure this out. Now, we forget what happened before.”

Wang Anquan’s eyes became empty: “Okay, I have forgot.”

Zhao Jiagou echoed: “I have also forgot.”

“Okay.” Lin Xun picked up his phone: “Now I call Dong Jun to confirm the contract.”

It was nine o’clock in the morning. According to common sense, Dong Jun should already be in the Galaxy by this time, and he would not be very busy.

Lin Xun found out the number of “male god” in the address book.
——not the number of Galaxy, not the number of Assistant Ruan, but the number of Dong Jun’s personal contact information.

He looked at the two words, his fingertips stopped at the top of the screen, but he was unable to press it.

For a long time, Lin Xun finally failed to press, removed his finger, put his phone aside, and leaned against the sofa, and began to abandon himself.  

Wang Anquan laughed at him: “Look at you, like a coward.”  

Zhao Jiagou asked: “What is the difference between you and a salted fish?”  

Lin Xun: “I just can’t.”

At the next moment, Wang Anquan suddenly grabbed his phone from the table with the agility that did not match his size!

Lin Xun: “You!”

He tried to grab with Wang Anquan, but it was too late, Wang Anquan had raised the mobile phone high, and his thumb put against the call button, only need to press down.

“Algorithm, you are an adult.” Wang Anquan said: “The next time you should learn to call by yourself.”

The next moment, he pressed the call button and put the phone back into Lin Xun’s hand.

Lin Xun took a deep breath: “…You’ll pay for this.”

In the receiver, the waiting tone sounded for four seconds.

Don Jun’s voice rang in his ear: “Hello.”

“Hello, Dong Jun, this is…” Lin Xun was a little nervous, his voice paused for a while.

“Mr. Lin?”

“Yes, this is Lin Xun.”

“Good morning.” Perhaps after the signal processing, Dong Jun’s voice in the receiver was gentler than in reality: “Did Mr. Lin make a decision?”

“We have discussed it and decided to accept your help.” Lin Xun relaxed slightly.

“I am very happy to work with you.” Dong Jun said lightly: “When is Mr. Lin free? We sign the contract.”

“I can go at any time, just for your convenience.”

“My schedule is full this afternoon. Does Mr. Lin mind wait until evening?”

“Not at all.”

“I will send you the place and time later.”


“Mr. Lin has any other requirements, or funding opinions, can be put forward.”

Lin Xun originally wanted to answer “I have no opinion”, but after seeing Wang Anquan and Zhao Jiagou desperately winking at him, he finally changed his words: “I will consider it.”

“Then I don’t disturb Mr. Lin, happy cooperation.”

“Happy cooperation.” Lin Xun responded.

After hanging up the phone, Lin Xun noticed that Wang Anquan and Zhao Jiagou’s eyes were all falling on him.

Then Wang Anquan softened his voice and said, “I can go at any time.”

And Zhao Jiagou said: “Just for your convenience.”

“Not at all.”


“I will consider it.”

“Happy cooperation.”

Lin Xun was expressionless: “Do you have any opinions?”

Wang Anquan: “I wish that one day Xun God can talk to me like this.”

Lin Xun: “If you could develop a language like Glax, I can talk to you like this forever.”

Wang Anquan: “…”

After finishing this topic, they started the day’s work.

Wang Anquan and Zhao Jiagou opened their computers.

Lin Xun looked at these two books, picking up Foundation Establishment in Thousands of days that Huo Qingshan gave him, and opened it.

At first glance, the classical Chinese text that came across his eyes made him sleepy.

He confirmed that this is simplified Chinese and horizontal composing.

However, even so…it’s still helpless.

He read from the first line, after reading a few lines, he became sleepy.

Lin Xun raised his head and looked at Wang Anquan, but the next second he dispelled the idea of ​​asking this person for help——Wang Anquan had the same level of literacy as himself, and had a significant step back in the past few years because of typing code.

At last, he said: “…Jiagou, you come here.”

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