Chapter 33 Wearing a Smiley Ball

While Suo Bin et al. fighting outside the city, Chen Chengduo had reached the building with Shu Xiaohui, and before approaching, Chen Chengduo suddenly stopped.

Shu Xiaohui looked up at him, “Squeak?”

What happened?

Chen Chengduo squatted down on the metal wire in the air, and pulled his tactical backpack.

Shu Xiaohui understood, “Squeak?”

You want me to carry it? No problem.

Shu Xiaohui was about to reach out. Chen Chengduo pinched his pink paws, “Not this time.”

Actually, never again!

If he encountered the situation again that Shu Xiaohui suddenly changed shape when he was sleeping, he should have a precaution. It doesn’t matter if he saw naked Shu Xiaohui, but if he was seen by others …

Shu Xiaohui stretched his head to see Chen Chengduo take out a small yellow ball with a smiley face from his backpack.

Shu Xiaohui was wondering. Chen Chengduo took out a butterfly knife, cut a hole in the rubber ball, the gas inside was released, and then the sharp knife cut a long gap.

Chen Chengduo put away the knife, then broke the ball along the gap, and pulled Shu Xiaohui out of his pocket with the other hand.

Shu Xiaohui hadn’t recovered yet.

But when Chen Chengduo was trying to put him into the ball, Shu Xiaohui hurriedly struggled, “Squeak!”

What do you want to do?!

Chen Chengduo rubbed his soft belly and explained, “Don’t be angry, dress this clothing on. Bai Hongyi has electric power. After we entering, there will be a lot of traps. This ball is insulating.”

“Squeak … Squeak!”

What clothes! This is obviously a ball, okay?! Why don’t you wear a ball yourself?

Chen Chengduo pointed to his clothes, “I’ve worn, special arc-proof clothes.”

Shu Xiaohui glanced at the cool black clothes Chen Chengduo was wearing, and then looked at the ball held in Chen Chengduo’s hand.

Is hamster’s life so miserable, someone else can wear cool clothes, he will wear a ball?

“Otherwise, do you want to wait outside?” Chen Chengduo compromised.

Shu Xiaohui gave up struggling and collapsed on his back, “Squeak!”

Just put it on.

Chen Chengduo looked at the well-behaved hamster ball who had given up struggling and scratched the hamster’s neck. “Good!”

Then Shu Xiaohui was gently put into the smiley ball, and little black bean eyes appeared from that small gap.

Chen Chengduo stroked the small ball, “Be patient, we’ll be back soon.”

Chen Chengduo held the ball and fixed him near his neck with tape. Shu Xiaohui looked out from the small gap. He saw Chen Chengduo put on gloves and got a strange helmet strap from his backpack.

Then Shu Xiaohui’s vision was completely blocked.

Shu Xiaohui was depressed, churning in the ball, “Squeak … Squeak?”

You are wearing an insulated helmet, I am also inside, why should I wear a ball clothes?

Chen Chengduo patted the ball through the insulated helmet, “Double insurance. Hamster Xiaohui, would you like to try sharing the vision with me?”

Shu Xiaohui was attracted by this proposal, “Squeak?”

May I?

Chen Chengduo had only seen Suo Bin use this method, that is, to share the sight of his warpet Black hawk into his vision.

Therefore, Chen Chengduo and Shu Xiaohui tried to share vision according to the method that Suo Bin once mentioned.

After a while, Chen Chengduo discovered that his vision was completely dark, there was a vaguely curved space.

He got Shu Xiaohui’s vision…

Shu Xiaohui’s small paw plucked the gap of the small ball, “Squeak.”

Didn’t see anything.

Then Chen Chengduo saw the small pink paws at Shu Xiaohui’s angle. This was more interesting. The enlarged version of the hamster paws, and he wanted to pinch it.

Chen Chengduo appreciated for two seconds, and then continued to try again.

Finally, Shu Xiaohui’s vision suddenly changed, and he could clearly see the situation outside.


Not bad!

Chen Chengduo patted the ball, the arc-proof suit was relatively thick, and the ball was not very breathable. Although the night after the rain was cooler, Shu Xiaohui inside would still feel hot.

The steel wire under his feet slammed suddenly and landed on the high building in front. Chen Chengduo suddenly sprinted.

Bai Hongyi’s realm didn’t have many guards, he was quite confident.

The place where the aquarium was placed on the top floor was not only had Bai Hongyi’s electric power, but also connected the high-voltage electrical equipment they collected to here.

Therefore, when Chen Chengduo entered there, there were metal wires everywhere in the room. The arc controlled by the power shuttled between the thin metal wires, and they were dazzling.

And the aquarium containing Professor Wei’s pet was in the center of these dense metal wires, covered by a black plastic rain cloth.

The plastic rain cloth was very thin, although it was insulated, if those arcs were touched and hit together, it will generate sparks, and the high-temperature fireworks were enough to burn this thin plastic.

Bai Hongyi was very crazy. As long as someone came to rescue the fish, this fish was very likely to be electrocuted.

Facing with this threat, everyone would give up rescue. After all, if the fish was dead, Professor Wei could not live either.

But Chen Chengduo came to the rescue, who was familiar with such electrical systems.

Chen Chengduo’s eyes shrank slightly, and he murmured, “They are really brothers.”


What did you say?

Chen Chengduo led the steel wire out of the window and said, “Bai Hongyi has an older brother named Bai Hongqiang. He once accepted the experiment of Professor Wei together with me, and he was inspired electricity ability.

Shu Xiaohui’s little paw curled up, “Squeak?”

Those wounds on your back… Bai Hongqiang gave you that electric injuries?

Chen Chengduo poked the steel wire deep into the ground along the tall building and nodded.

Then, Chen Chengduo’s steady, non-undulating words came, “I killed all the people, including Bai Hongqiang, who were originally inspired special abilities.”

Shu Xiaohui took out a melon seed, “Squeak?”

What happened?

Chen Chengduo slightly tilted his head and poked the small ball around the neck, “Aren’t you afraid of me?”

Shu Xiaohui said while chewing on the seed, “Squeak!”

No! Are you afraid that Bai Hongyi will come to you for revenge? It ’s okay, I will give you blessings and make sure he won’t find you.

Chen Chengduo chuckled slightly, and gently stroke the hamster ball.

The hamster ball inside was flattened and bounced back, holding the seed and saying, “Squeak?”

Why don’t you go on talking?

“We save the fish first and I’ll tell you later.”

Chen Chengduo held the steel wire and laid it on one of the metal wires, and then the arcs ran strangely along the wire and quickly rushed to the ground with a flash of light.

The seed in Shu Xiaohui’s hand almost fell, what happened?

Chen Chengduo took a step forward, pulled another steel wire, and laid it on a metal wire in front. This wave of arc was introduced into the ground again.

That’s it, the arc net that Bai Hongyi worked hard to build was broken.

Chen Chengduo, who did not suffer any damage while wearing an arc protection suit, walked to the aquarium.

Before unveiling the plastic rain cloth, Chen Chengduo had a little bad hunch.

Sure enough, when he unveiled it, both of them were stunned.

There were dozens of zebra-stripe angelfishes in the large aquarium, swimming around.

“Squeak.” That’s pretty.

Shu Xiaohui could only say so.

Moreover, every fish was bigger than him.

Thanks to the presence of Peng Xiaolei’s little ant, Shu Xiaohui did not feel very depressed.

Chen Chengduo directly pried off the aquarium, pulled the metal around to wrap the aquarium tightly, and when he wanted to carry the aquarium on his back, Shu Xiaohui said, “Squeak?”

Let me try to put it in the space, my space seems to become bigger.

Chen Chengduo nodded, Shu Xiaohui waved his paw, the aquarium was put in.

Then they came out of the window, Chen Chengduo took off the helmet, and took Shu Xiaohui off.

Shu Xiaohui grabbed the smiley ball and wanted to drill out.

Chen Chengduo cut a hole larger than a coin on the ball. Shu Xiaohui’s small paws plucked the edge, and a hairy head with two small round ears came out from inside.

It’s so cute … everyone couldn’t help but want to poke.

Chen Chengduo reached out and pressed the hamster ball down, and then the hamster ball came up again, pressed down again, and came up again.

When Chen Chengduo was about to press for the third time, Shu Xiaohui pulled out his gun, two pink paws holding the mini gun, and the muzzle was facing Chen Chengduo, “Squeak!”

Psychopath, I’m going to shoot you!


He would like to poke the cute hamster even more…

Chen Chengduo lifted the corner of his mouth and said, “Ready to go.”

Chen Chengduo put his hand on the steel wire and slid it hard. Both of them slid out quickly along this wire.

Shu Xiaohui held his mini gun upside down and fell into the small ball. After adjusting to the speed, he extended his head from the inside. His soft head hair was erected by the wind. Shu Xiaohui plucked at the edge of the ball, excitedly squeaked.

Chen Chengduo looked at the hamster in the small ball. In fact, he found several other colors of the ball. Should he try them all?

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