Chapter 21 It scared me!

Chen Chengduo supported Shu Xiaohui in his pocket and jumped off the protective wall, walking on the relatively quiet street. Shu Xiaohui put the mini gong and hammer back into his space, holding Chen Chengduo’s pocket.

Shu Xiaohui was really curious about how Chen Chengduo would find Professor Wei, because Chen Chengduo seemed obviously to know the destination.

After turning a few intersections, Chen Chengduo suddenly stood in front of a very dilapidated hut, which was just a corner of a collapsed building. Two broken security doors blocked the entrance, like a door.

Chen Chengduo removed the door directly. A small lamp was lit in the small room. A thin person stood in there, covered his ears with one hand and pointed at Chen Chengduo with the other, “I knew that people who could stop the scuffle so quickly, must be you! “

His sound was very loud, sounded like a roar.

Shu Xiaohui rubbed his round ears, looking at this man with some curiosity. 

Chen Chengduo looked at his ears, “The sound was far away from here, if you don’t eavesdrop, will you have tinnitus for no reason?”      

Shu Xiaohui grabbed Chen Chengduo’s pocket. What did Chen Chengduo mean, he couldn’t understand it.

Chen Chengduo pulled the door back, blocked the entrance, and sat across from the man. “Zhan Wei, where is Diu Diu?”

Zhan Wei stepped back, still covering his ears, “I’m deaf and must be injured, I can’t hear what you’re saying!”

When the man roared, a dark thing flew silently and ran straight towards Chen Chengduo’s pocket.  

Shu Xiaohui was caught off guard. He was taken aback by the toothy face, and stiffly fell into Chen Chengduo’s pocket, shrunk into a ball.

“Squeak!” It scared me!

Fortunately, Chen Chengduo responded fast enough. He grabbed the wings of the dark thing quickly, and didn’t let it fall on his clothes.

“Mouse Xiaohui, are you okay?” Chen Chengduo pinched the thing struggling in his hand, and asked a little anxiously. He really didn’t expect Diu Diu to suddenly rush to his pet.

“Squeak …” Shu Xiaohui was shaking, crawled up feebly, and looked over by the glimmer of the small lamp in the hut. What Chen Chengduo grabbed is a black bat. The bat flapping his wings, still tried to sprint towards Shu Xiaohui’s direction.

Zhan Wei’s mouth twitched and he understood his pet’s consciousness… His pet wanted to mate!

Zhan Wei quickly reached out and wanted to catch his pet back, and said aloud, “What the fuck! Diu Diu, are you stupid?! Distinguish the species!”

Chen Chengduo squinted at him.

Zhan Wei grinned reluctantly and continued to say aloud, “You know, it’s summer now. Diu Diu is in estrus, and wants to mate. He just wants to find a partner, it has a fancy to you… It must be a wrong perception! But you should understand, there are so few animals now. “

Shu Xiaohui rattled, and didn’t find this person’s words funny at all, he was a little angry and scared, mating you with a ball!    

Shu Xiaohui trembled, and didn’t find this person’s words funny. He was a little angry and scared, what the hell! 

That bat is definitely not into Chen Chengduo! It’s him!

Chen Chengduo was also aware of this, so he squeezed the bat harder … Patience! Patience! Can’t strangle it! Everyone is responsible for caring for animals. Moreover, this animal is also a warpet of others. We must respect all warpets!

When Chen Chengduo’s consciousness was strong, Shu Xiaohui could receive it. So, these shattered thoughts of Chen Chengduo, were heard by Shu Xiaohui clearly. Shu Xiaohui stopped shaking, looked at Chen Chengduo’s tight expression, then rolled directly into Chen Chengduo’s pocket, holding his paws and laughing so happily.

“Squeak, squeak!” Ha ha ha…

Chen Chengduo thought his pet was shaking for scared, so he clenched his jaw to suppress his anger.

At this time, the bat suddenly bit towards his hand, Chen Chengduo lifted his hand and pulled off a piece of the security door, making it a cage. He put the bat in cage, preventing this bat from continuing to pounce on him.

Zhan Wei looked at Chen Chengduo dumbfounded. His power was sensing sound waves. He eavesdropped on news everywhere in the New city, had seen so many powers user. But Chen Chengduo is really the first one he had seen that can control abilities so precisely.

Chen Chengduo throwed the cage to Zhan Wei, “Watch your pet! I want buy a message from you.”

Zhan Wei rubbed his nose without answering, hugged the cage, and appeased the black bat who was wronged.

Chen Chengduo did not mind, he took a pack of cigarettes from his backpack and threw it to Zhan Wei.    

Zhan Wei’s eyes were bright, he took the cigarette, and put the cage aside. “I just listen to the gossip, not knowing too much. What does Captain Chen want to know?”

“Professor Wei.”

Zhan Wei’s face changed, and he whispered, “That group of people are assholes. Without Professor Wei, how could they have abilities?!”

Chen Chengduo looked stern, “What happened to Professor Wei?” 

Zhan Wei lit the cigarette with this small light, took a deep breath, and his voice returned to his usual level, “The professor is still alive, but not free, and he can’t do much research. It seems that he is depressed, and didn’t talk for a few days.”

Chen Chengduo frowned, “Where is he?”

Zhan Wei looked up at him, “Captain Chen is going to save the professor? Or you want to imprison professor too.”  

Chen Chengduo looked at him coldly. 

Zhan Wei shrugged. “Seems you don’t need to.”

With a cigarette in his hand, Zhan Wei handed the cage to Chen Chengduo, “Diu Diu could help you to find professor.”

Shu Xiaohui blinked his eyes, What? Are they going to walk with this bat?

Chen Chengduo twitched his lips and pushed the cage back. “No, you just tell me where Professor Wei is locked.” 

Zhan Wei tried to open the cage, “You couldn’t find that place without Diu Diu, and you can’t put it in the cage, it must fly up.”

Chen Chengduo narrowed his eyes, “If you don’t want me to bake it later, you can give it to me.”  

Zhan Wei paused and said very quickly, ” Behind the cliff, in a container.”

Chen Chengduo stood up and walked out.

“Hey, hey, Captain Chen, wait. There are so many containers, do you know which one? And the cage! Open the cage first!”

After Zhan Wei finished speaking, he just saw a wrench dropping on his desk, and Chen Chengduo had vanished.

After turning around a street corner, Chen Chengduo took Shu Xiaohui out of his pocket and stroked it gently. “Scared you? Don’t be afraid, I’m here.”

Shu Xiaohui was lying on Chen Chengduo’s palm, still wanting to laugh, and his soft stomach was shaking. Then his body unconsciously spread out under the comforting touch.  

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